Roccbox Vs Ooni: Comprehensive Comparison With All Ooni’s Models

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roccbox vs ooni

There are many brands to consider when you are in the market for a backyard pizza oven. Two of the most popular brands are Roccbox and Ooni.

Roccbox vs Ooni is two of the most popular brands of outdoor pizza ovens on the market. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best for you?

This article will compare all aspects of these two brands, including their models. We will help you decide which is the best backyard pizza oven. So, let’s get started!

So, keep reading whether you’re wondering which oven is better for your needs or just want to learn more about these two popular brands!

Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16 Review: My Experience

Now we’re reviewing the Ooni pizza oven, which is the 16-inch Koda gas pizza oven, versus the Roccbox pizza oven, which is also gas.

We will go through each of the most concerned factors on Roccbox vs Ooni Koda in turn and its effect on pizza baking performance. Let’s start!

Flame Pattern

So one of the first things that you can see on the screen here is that the flame pattern on these is very different.

If you’re looking at the Ooni pizza oven, it’s more of a smaller flame that reminds you more of like a grill flame, and it’s very consistent and kind of in an L-shape.


Wherewith the Roccnbox, it looks kind of prettier in a way because it’s this rolling flame that goes over the top of the pizza directly in the pizza oven.

Roccbox vs Ooni: Size Comparision

So we’re going to be talking more about the flame patterns and how that affects your cook with your pizza, but first, I want to take an actual look at the size of these.

With the Roccbox, as far as the functional cooking space, the mouth is 12 inches wide and 3 inches tall. That means pretty much that you have about three cubic feet of space in the mouth of the pizza oven.

Now, if we’re looking at the Ooni Koda 16-inch gas-powered pizza oven, you’re looking at roughly 16 inches of functional space, but about 19 inches on the mouth and then 5 inches on the height.

If I’m doing it correctly, if I can remember from my math earlier which is about 7.9 feet’s cubic space from the mouth.

My assumption with this was that if you’re cooking with these two pizza ovens, you’re not going to be able to cook as large of a pizza with the Roccbox.

However, you’re going to be able to achieve higher temperatures, which is really important if you’re trying to get that Neapolitan-type crust, which will rise fast because of the heat you’re cooking at.

Temp Comparisons

I decided to do next was to fire these up and let them pre-heat with a full flame for 20 minutes and then get the temperature of the pizza stone in different areas.

Sidenote: With the Ooni, you can easily take the pizza stone out of the oven where you can't get it with the Roccbox.

I’m gonna read these off to you really fast.

Looking at the Ooni oven in the middle, it got to about 928 degrees, back left 942, back right 796, front left 714.

I forgot to get a temperature reading from the front right, but that will be by far your coolest spot on the pizza stone with the Ooni pizza oven.

Now for the Roccbox pizza oven for the measurements, the middle was 890, the back left was 799, the back right was 804, and the front center was 613.

I was pretty surprised the front center came in at such a discrepancy from the middle, where we dropped about 280 degrees almost on the temperature. But I think part of the reason for that might be the design of the Roccbox itself.

We’ll talk about that later in this post when I talk about safety concerns with both of these pizza ovens.

Oven Hot Spots

I know I gave you those temperature readings fast, but really what I want to do is highlight how you’re going to cook your pizzas with these two ovens based on how the flame looks.

What you’re looking at on-screen is actually a two-scale drawing that I created in canva.

I understand this is not the prettiest drawing, but each of these squares represents one inch by one inch, one cubic inch of space in the cooking area.

If we take a look on the left here, this is the Roccbox pizza oven. This is going to be 12 squares wide, 12 inches wide of functional cooking space by a 13-inch depth.

The actual pizza you’re looking at is a 9-inch pizza right here. It gives you an idea of how you have a lot more functional space in the Ooni Koda 16 because of the size, but even more important than that is the flame pattern.

If you’re cooking the pizza in the Ooni pizza oven, what you can do is you can visualize where the hottest quarter of the pizza is going to be. It’s always going to be in the upper left of the pizza.

What you want to do is once you achieve full heat on the pizza oven, which takes about 15 minutes, you’re going to dial the heat down, which I believe it’s going from about nine o’clock to six o’clock on the dial.

Then you can put the pizza into the oven, and every 20 seconds or so, you’re going to give it a quarter turn, and you can go either way clockwise – Counterclockwise, and what this is going to do is give you a nice even cook on that pizza.

Now I’ll admit that the Roccbox pizza oven, the flame, looks a lot cooler. It’s got this rolling flame, but I found it a little harder to control the actual cook of the pizza.

Safety Concerns

One of the things that appealed to me with the Roccbox pizza oven is the silicone jacket that goes around it. That will lower the temperature of the actual pizza oven, and this is the case.

So you can take a look at the temperature readings that I was getting from both of these pizza ovens. You can see that it’s substantially lower on that silicone jacket.

But then I got thinking a little bit. I’m like my concerns with that are not me, those are my small children, right?

So a tiny child necessarily isn’t going to know that like oh that’s the part I should touch instead of the metal.

If you’re looking at the Roccbox vs Ooni pizza ovens, they are very hot towards the front of the mouth. But one of the things that I also found concerning just from an adult safety standpoint is that if you take a look at the slow-motion video that I’m showing you right now.

Sometimes that rolling flame shoots out the front of the Roccbox where I’ve never seen the flame be able to reach anywhere as close to the mouth of the Ooni pizza oven. Again, that’s just because they’re different styles of flame.

So from a safety standpoint, I would say it’s kind of a wash. Because most of the Roccbox does have a cooler temperature on the outside, you also deal with the occasional flame that may come out the mouth.

And one of the things to be aware of with both of these ovens is that if there are high winds, that will affect the cook and potentially push that flame out a little bit more, specifically with the Roccbox, but it is slightly safer with the Roccbox.

Overall, it’s kind of a wash because the flame will come out the front on occasion with the Roccbox, which doesn’t happen with the Ooni.

Pizza Peels Issue

Earlier I mentioned the pizza Peel issue. When you go with the Roccbox pizza oven, it comes with a 12-inch pizza peel, which is obviously a little bit smaller.

Because it’s a smaller pizza oven, but the handle’s a little shorter, I wish it were a little longer.

Then with, the Ooni pizza oven, it doesn’t come with a pizza peel.

Turning Oven On

So one of the things I learned is essentially the sequencing of cooking the pizza; what you want to do first is turn both of your Pizza ovens on and turn them on to full blast.

As far as turning both ovens on, I give the edge a little bit to the Roccbox here.

I found that the actual coupling or whatever you want to call the coupler that connects to your uh propane tank just went on a little bit smoother with the Roccbox than the Ooni pizza oven and then also turned the flame on itself.

I liked it a little bit better on the Roccbox when you turn on the flame. It kind of clicking sound, and it seemed very smooth.

It took me a couple of tries to turn on the Ooni pizza oven because it’s one of those spark ignition lighters, which has a little bit more of a pop to it.

But my sister did say that she’s never had any issues with it and always starts on the first try for her, so that could be user error on my behalf, or maybe it was a little windier in the conditions that I was doing the cook.

So again, going to the sequencing, turn both of them on max heat. Then at that point, what you’re going to do is you want to create your actual pizzas.

❤️Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16: My Opinion

In summary, both of these pizza ovens do a great job of creating a tremendous Neapolitan pizza. It’s going to give you that nice rise, and it’s going to be a really nice crisp crust.

In my opinion, I like the Ooni pizza oven better.

Because it’s larger, but at the same time, it gives you a little more control with the cook of the pizza because of how the flames are structured compared to the Roccbox.

Wood Burner Downsides

If you want the wood fire option for either the Ooni or the Roccbox, read this section carefully.

With the Roccbox, the way that works is you can add it for an extra $100, and you'll see it pop open on the screen there. With the Ooni, you have to buy it with the multi-fuel option built-in.

One of the nice things about Roccbox is if you don’t want to go that route, let’s say you go with the gas-only, you can buy the accessory and add it for $100.

I found this attractive about the Roccbox, but after reading a lot of forums on these Pizza ovens, I’ve discovered that the wood burner apparatus, whether you’re going with Ooni or the Roccbox doesn’t work that great for cooking pizzas.

That’s because the pizzas cook in 90 seconds, and you’re not going to get that wood flavor profile infused into the pizza within 90 seconds, it’s more.

So if you’re doing a very long cook or using wood, think of the same way if you’re smoking meats right.

Therefore in my opinion, unless you’re planning on doing meats or things that take a little bit longer inside of these pizza ovens, this is an unnecessary upgrade that you don’t need for the pizza oven.

As you know, with food, it’s not just about the taste, but it’s also about the experience of creating it, and that’s what’s fun about both of these pizza ovens.

ROCCBOX vs OONI Karu – Comparison & Real-Time Cook

I’m very excited because we’ve got an article for you that I’ve wanted to publish for a long time. Ever since I’ve been into pizza ovens, I’ve always liked the Roccbox from Gozney, and today we’ve got one here.

As you may be aware, I own an Ooni Karu, which is a similar size to the Roccbox from Gozney.

Today, since we’ve got them both next to each other, we’re going to have a look through the features and compare the two.

I get a lot of questions about which one I think is best. So I thought we’d make this article and compare the two.

We’ll look through some of the features they both have, some of the pros, some of the cons.

Then we’re going to fire up the Roccbox and do a pizza cook to show you how it performs.

The Cost

So first thing first, let’s look at the cost of these ovens.

The Roccbox comes in at $399, just for gas. You get the wood burner and gas burner if you want it dual fuel. That’s $499!

The Ooni Karu starts at $299, so $100 cheaper. But that’s for only using it with wood and charcoal.

If you want to use the Ooni with gas, you’ll need the extra burner, and it costs $64.99, meaning that this whole oven set up to use with gas and wood costs $363.99

Another thing I’d like to mention about the price is the Roccbox comes with the Pizza peel, whereas with the Ooni one, these are sold separately.

The Weight

One of the first things I noticed when I picked up these ovens is how much more the Roccbox weighs.

There’s a good reason for that; the Roccbox has dense insulation all around the front, and also, the stone is 19 millimeters thick, whereas, on the Ooni, it’s 15.

The benefit of having it insulated like this with a thicker stone is it holds heat better.

You’ll find that the oven will take longer to heat up than maybe 20 minutes.

The Ooni heats up in it’ll probably take about 40 to 45 minutes, but once you’re cooking pizzas, the heat inside Roccbox will last much longer.

It also means you don’t need a door on the front as you do for the Ooni.


The Roccbox also comes with this silicon cover. I like this a lot because this is relatively safe to touch.

If it once it’s hot, you’re not going to burn yourself if you accidentally touch this, whereas the Ooni Karu is made out of metal, so it does get quite hot.

Built-in thermometer

One handy feature that I do like with the Roccbox is down here: you get a built-in thermometer that will help you monitor the stone temperature and know precisely when it reaches the right temperature to cook your pizza.

roccbox pizza oven review- built in thermometer


Now some of the benefits of the Ooni is it’s much lighter. If you’re planning to travel with this, it’s much easier to pick up and get in the car and take it with you.

The Ooni also heats up a lot faster when using the gas I’ve had this oven heat up in as little as 20 minutes.

And one other thing, one of the features I like with the Ooni, is the fact that this stone comes out. It makes it easy to clean, whereas in the Roccbox, that’s fixed there.

So we’ve had a look at some of the features. We’ve compared the pros and cons of these two ovens.

❤️Roccbox vs Ooni Karu: My Verdict

I hope you found it helpful overall, I think it cooks a very similar style pizza to the Ooni Karu, and there’s very little between these two.

One thing I do like is the fact that it’s insulated. If you’re cooking lots of pizzas for a party or something, it’s not going to drop the stone temperature, which I find sometimes does happen on the Ooni.

However, some of the reasons I prefer the Ooni is because it’s much lighter. It heats up a lot faster and, to be honest, I’ve cooked on an Ooni for many months and always had good results.

Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 12: Full Review From My Test

I’m going to be reviewing the differences between the Gozney Roccbox pizza oven and the Ooni Koda 12. Let’s do it!

The main differences and advantages of Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 12

The Roccbox is a portable dual-fueled pizza oven that heats up to 500 degrees centigrade. It’s very well designed and engineered. It’s a sturdy, well-insulated pizza oven! You can see the depth of the stone and the oven insulation right from the front.

So the main features with benefits of the Gozney Roccbox are:

  • The gas burner heats up the oven in about 30 minutes.
  • It cooks pizza up to 12 inches.
  • It has a stone temperature dial that monitors the temperature of the oven. So you don’t need a laser thermometer.
  • It’s portable and has a detachable fuel burner for ease of storage and portability.
  • The legs are filled up, and it has a carrying strap.

The Roccbox comes with a gas burner, but the wood burner is an optional extra.

The gas burner is ignited with an ignition dial which is very solid and easy to use.

It adjusts the temperature with a quick turn, and the flame is very variable. So when it’s on low, the flame does go low and vice versa.

The ignition on the Koda 12 is also really effective and responsive with the click. You’ve got a low flame, high flame.

I cut on three-quarters flame using the Ooni Koda 12 and full flame with a Roccbox.

Tester’s Insight

Appearance & Design

The Roccbox oven comes in two colors: green and gray. The outer structure has a soft silicone cover, which, even though I’ve never tried would protect the shell from a rain shower if you get caught by chance.

It’s easy to keep clean. All I’ve ever done is wipe the outer cover with a cloth and the soot of the front panel and brush the debris off the stone.

The stone is set into the oven and cannot be removed. This makes it heavier than the Ooni Koda 12.

The main features of the Koda 12 in comparison to the Roccbox are that

  • The Koda 12 heats up the oven in about 20 to 25 minutes.
  • It cooks pizza up to 12 inches.
  • It doesn’t have a stone temperature dial, it’s portable, and the burner is not detachable.
  • Its legs fold up for portability, and it has a carrying cover, which is an optional extra
  • The stone can be removed for storage purposes and for turning over to clean off the debris

The Koda 12 oven comes in one color, gray. The outer structure has a hard shell. It’s easy to keep clean, brush the stone or turn it over to remove any debris.

The Roccbox is dual-fueled. It can be swapped over for gas or wood, and the coater range cooks with gas.

The similar

The similarities between the Ooni Koda 12 and the Roccbox are that:

  • They can both cook pizza up to 12 inches
  • Both portable
  • The legs fold for storage. They come with optional storage covers.

The areas that aren’t similar are the burners are pretty different and that’s because you can detach the gas burner on the Roccbox.

The Ooni Koda's gas burner is linear and has a wispy flame going across. Whereas the Roccbox has a flame that goes through like a round burner and the flames shoot up and then over like a curved dome towards the pizza.

Same cooking quality but different method

Even though their designs are completely different, I find cooking with them both as good as one another. They’re both outstanding but in different ways.

The flames in the Roccbox come up and over onto your pizza, which means I can cook the pizza on full gas, full flame, and get a rapid cook. I find it harder to burn a pizza using the Roccbox.

With the Ooni Koda 12, I have burnt pizza there, which is easy for me. I can burn pizza very quickly if I’m not careful.

The thing is, I tend to do that more with the Ooni Koda 12 when it’s on full flame. So I make sure I’m on three-quarters flame for most of my pizza cooks in the Ooni Koda 12.

Stone temperature

Both stones have excellent heat retention. I think the Roccbox, from my experience, has more heat retention due to the insulation of the oven and the way it’s set inside the oven.

As long as you keep the oven on full flame for the Ooni Koda 12, you should be good to go to cook one after the other.

With the Roccbox, you can leave it on a low flame and give it a little boost minute or two before my cook. I found that it retains the stone temperature.

❤️Ooni Koda 12 vs. Roccbox: My Summary

Overall, if you’re just looking to cook with gas, then either oven is super and matches one another.

But there are a few differences that you should be aware of:

The Roccbox has a stone dial, great insulation, and great cooking pizza one after the other. I only cook the wood once I’ve cooked with the gas burner. But if you fancy cooking with wood, it’s nice to have that option.

The Ooni Koda 12 is lighter, and it heats up quickly and heats down soon if you fancy moving it around. I like the Linear flame at the back; and it’s lighter to carry around, and it’s excellent for just cooking one or two pizzas when you need it.

So, in summary, they’re both super pizza ovens for beginners. If you’re new to pizza cooking, either one of these ovens is perfect, and you’ll have hours of fun pizza cooking.

Gozney (Roccbox) Brand Overview

Gozney Roccbox is a combination of wood-fired engineering and beautiful design. It is a versatile oven that has already captured the hearts of design enthusiasts and chefs alike.

The ovens are favoured by some of the biggest names in cooking, used in several of the world’s leading kitchens, and found within gardens, backyards, and patios across the globe.

Gozney, a UK based company, created Roccbox. Gozney has been making quality kitchen appliances for over 20 years.

Roccbox was designed with portability, ease of use, and durability in mind. It is made from thick stainless steel and can withstand high temperatures.

The Roccbox can reach temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes! That means you can cook your pizza in 60-90 seconds.

The Roccbox comes with a detachable cord to take it wherever you want. It also has fold-down legs so you can store it easily.

Ooni Brand Overview

Ooni is a Scottish company that designs and manufactures outdoor pizza ovens.

Ooni was founded by husband-and-wife team Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garland, with a mission to promote creativity and innovation.

Today, they continue this mission with their line of innovative pizza ovens that run on wood, charcoal, or gas.

Whether you’re a professional chef or an amateur pizza lover, there’s an Ooni for you. So get ready to create some fantastic pizzas – your taste buds will thank you!

Ooni makes portable pizza ovens that can reach temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit in just 60 seconds.

The Ooni 3 is their most basic model and is great for beginners. The Ooni Pro is a more advanced model and is perfect for those who want to make gourmet pizzas.

The Ooni Koda is a gas-powered oven that is perfect for those who want the convenience of gas without sacrificing the quality of the wood-fired pizza.

The Ooni Karu is a wood-fired pizza oven perfect for those who want authentic wood-fired flavor.


What gas does Gozney Roccbox use?

Roccbox uses readily available Propane gas – the same as you would use for your BBQ.

Can I use Roccbox with wood or charcoal?

Yes! Both wood and charcoal can be used in Roccbox, but you need to purchase the dual-fuel version for $100 plus. We recommend using our hardwood lump wood charcoal or our 100% natural wood pellets for best results.

What is the difference between Roccbox and Ooni?

Roccbox is a portable pizza oven designed for cooking at home, while Ooni is a portable pizza oven intended for cooking on the go. Both ovens use wood or charcoal for fuel, but Ooni also operates on gas.

Is Bertello or Ooni better?

It really depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for an oven to cook pizza at home, Roccbox is a great option. If you’re looking for an oven to take camping or tailgating, Ooni is an excellent option.

Final Verdict on Roccbox vs Ooni Battle

Now you have a comprehensive view of the similarities and differences between Roccbox vs Ooni and with all the product lines that Ooni is popular today.

The 16″ Ooni allows more space in the oven and larger pizzas, while Roccbox has additional features (temp gauge & paddle), it is portable.

The Ooni is an excellent choice for those who want to cook up some delicious pizzas at home. It has more features than the Roccbox, and it’s also reasonably affordable, making this an easy decision if you’re looking solely into ovens that will be used in your kitchen or business!

At the end of the day, the Ooni Koda 16 is our top pick. It has a high price tag, but you’ll get what you pay for: excellent cooking performance and portability make this unit worth every penny!

Suppose size or cost are your concerns, though (especially the former). In that case, there’s also a 12″ version available at almost identical costs as Gozney Roccbox. So long as you plan to grab just one accessory item instead of two when buying new gear like us here, folks do sometimes…




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