What Is The Best Amazon Fresh Pizza? (Revealed)

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What Is The Best Amazon Fresh Pizza? (Revealed)

I prefer my food and grocery fresh and well-tended when it is delivered to my doorstep. For this reason, I use the Amazon Fresh store as my primary grocery store. For example, I like munching on pizza slices but prefer them from Amazon Fresh. Therefore, my Amazon Fresh pizza review is based on the recipes I have tried. (All the ones I have tried have cheese, but there are cheeseless pizza options you can get).

What Is Amazon Fresh?

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Amazon Fresh is a part of Amazon offering grocery delivery service. The Amazon Fresh grocery stores offer this service to Amazon prime members. As a prime member, I receive free fresh food deliveries in under two hours if the order meets the required minimum requirements.

Amazon Fresh Pizza Review

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The Amazon Fresh grocery store has a variety of pizzas to choose from. Over time I have tried out the different options they offer and compiled the list of the best ones below.

1) DIGIORNO Frozen Pizza

This is a pizza I have ordered more than once whenever I have a craving for a slice because of the savory taste. In addition, I can have it fresh at any time as long as I keep it frozen until it is time to eat. This adds to the convenience of the pizza.

The pizza is made of real cheese, which is a big deal for me.

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DIGIORNO offers me a much-needed convenience. For example, I can choose whether I want the bread to have a thick or thin crust. The toppings are subject to my liking since I can choose what I like on the pizza.

DIGIORNO tells me when the pizza will be delivered to my doorstep. This is one of the things that stood out most about the service because I can go about my business knowing when to expect delivery.


  • Three-meat combination
  • Safe in the freezer until I am ready to have it
  • Different bread thickness options
  • Precise delivery time
  • Most reviewed on the Amazon App


2) Amy’s Frozen Cheese Pizza

Amy's freshness and mozzarella cheese, basil, and organic tomatoes make me not think twice when getting this pizza. The large pizza size can cater to my small family or workmates. Plus, it is enough for hangout snacking.

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The ingredients used on the pizza are fresh and safe. Amy's frozen pizza is prepared with olive oil, which has a lot of health benefits. The Parmesan adds to the reasons why the taste of Amy's pizza is one of my favorites.


  • Easy to prepare
  • Ready to heat without extra steps
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Large enough for a small family


  • A bit pricey

3) Red Baron Classic Supreme Pizza

There is a wide selection of pizzas in the Amazon Fresh store. However, the Red Baron pizza is one of the best-reviewed and most-ordered options of all pizzas offered by the store.

The toppings on the pizza are a favorite. The neatly cut sausages, peppers, onion, zesty sauce, and real cheese used on the pizza are too yummy not to talk about. There is a feeling of satisfaction every time I bite into this one.

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The crust on the pizza is thick, and each bite is enough for me to enjoy the ingredients. Additionally, I need about 20 minutes to prepare the pizza, and I am good to go. The most convenient thing about Red Baron is that there is no need to thaw it before preparing it.


  • No need to thaw it before putting it in the oven
  • Ideal crust thickness
  • Delicious ingredients


  • I can not choose the bread thickness of the pizza.

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Caulipower is my first pick whenever my vegan friends are in the house. The pizza has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, making it a safe bet. In addition, Caulipower is gluten-free and has no trans-fat on it. This makes it a healthy pick. Finally, I prefer Caulipower because it has just enough calories for a meal and not too much.


  • The best vegan pizza on Amazon
  • Large
  • Fewer calories
  • 30% less sugar than other frozen pizzas
  • Source of fiber


  • Not ready to eat

5) Cappello’s

Cappello's has an almond flour crust, one of my favorite choices when picking pizza. Whenever I need to take a break from normal pizza, I go for Cappello's. The pizza is grain-free and gluten-free. Furthermore, there is no yeast or soy in the pizza. Finally, the pepperoni pizza is uncured, which is one of the reasons why Capello's is on the list of my favorite pizzas.

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  • Almond flour in the recipe
  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No yeast or soy
  • Uncured


  • Quite costly

How to Check for Good Pizza

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While Amazon Fresh offers some really good pizza options, there are universal standards that all the pizzas I am ordering have to meet for me to like them. So here are some things I check for in a slice to know if it is good.

a) The Crust

The crust is almost everything to me. The first bite will throw me off balance if the crust is too thick. If the crust is too thin, I will feel played. A good slice signifies correct pizza dough measurements, which proves that a pizza was well thought through.

b) Fresh Vegetables

It does not take expert eyes to tell between overstayed and fresh food. I can tell that the pizza's vegetables are either fresh or ancient just by looking at them. The vibrancy of the vegetables and the ingredients should prove that the pizza is good. On the other hand, if the ingredients are wilted and faded, that is a red flag.

c) Ingredient Balance

No matter how fresh the pizza is, if the ingredients are not well balanced, the results might not be as yummy as they look. While making online orders makes it hard to know, you can always read reviews.

After all, the ingredients make a difference between your favorite pizza joint and others.

d) Delivery Time

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Delivery time is the difference between cold and hot pizza. Personally, cold pizza is where I draw my line. Reheated pizza does not taste as nice or fresh as hot pizza does. Therefore, if a store has a history of poor delivery time, I try to avoid it as much as possible.

e) The Sauce

I am not a huge fan of sauces, but I have seen how my friends dive in on them. This is proof that the sauce that comes alongside the pizza matters. I have sauces at home and prefer homemade options. However, if you are into sauces, then they better be good.

f) Customer Service

The quality of your customer service can also affect your opinion of the food. If the service is poor, even good food might have poor taste and vice versa. Dealing with poor customer service repeatedly will rub you the wrong way.

g) Delivery Package

Fresh food needs to be delivered in safe packages. You can always tell a bad pizza box from a neat, sturdy one. These are things to pay attention to because they speak to more than meets the eye.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Fresh Pizzas

1) Do I have to be an Amazon Prime member to order pizza from Amazon Fresh?

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No. Anyone can make an order from Amazon. Some advantages come with being a prime member. However, that does not limit you from placing an order and enjoying your pizza.

Amazon Fresh has a membership that you can be part of to enjoy timely deliveries and convenience.

2) How does Amazon Fresh know I am a Prime member when purchasing?

The easiest way to use the Prime membership in an Amazon Fresh store is to use the card linked to the Prime account when paying for supplies after shopping. You can identify your membership at the Just-Walk Out Exit or the register.

Another way to take advantage of the membership is to scan the in-store QR code in the Amazon App. Additionally, membership has many benefits you can take advantage of.

3) Does Amazon Fresh deliver pizza for free?

Amazon's new food stores deliver food at a fee. If you make purchases over $35, you will be legible for free delivery.

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Considering that being a Prime member entails paying a fee, I would not say the delivery is entirely free.

4) How long does Amazon Fresh take to deliver pizza?

Amazon Fresh does same-day deliveries. Furthermore, you can get scheduled pizza deliveries and know when the pizza will arrive at the door.

5) Are Pizza prices on Amazon Fresh different from other stores?

Prices of whole foods and other items from Amazon Fresh are similar, if not cheaper, than other stores. In addition, customers find certain items more convenient to get from Amazon Fresh than other stores because of the fair prices.

6) Is there an Amazon Fresh close to me?

There are a lot of Amazon Fresh stores in the country. However, the stores are not everywhere and not in all major cities.

7) Can I cancel my pizza order on Amazon Fresh?

Yes. You can cancel an Amazon Fresh order. However, you can not cancel the order once the shopper has started picking the items. For example, once the pizza is prepared, there would be no need to cancel because the order would be too far gone.

8) Does Amazon Fresh accept coupons when buying pizzas?

Coupons are the one thing you can use in other stores but not Amazon Fresh(you are contradicting yourself in the next sentences). The good news is Amazon Fresh has its coupons and good deals that you can look forward to and cash in when the time is right.

Amazon Fresh has a coupons tab where you can apply for deals. In addition, there is a checkbox under the price tag where you can apply for coupons.

9) How does Amazon Fresh package its products?

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I am not big on packages. If everything could be in one bag, I would be happier. However, that is not the case with Amazon Fresh packaging. Here is how Amazon packages its products.

a) Insulated Envelopes

This package contains eggs, frozen foods, and other types of fragile foods. You can find the packages lined with shredded paper for more insulation and cushioning.

b)Brown Paper Bags

If you are expecting a fresh order, there is a chance it will come in paper bags. When you shop for groceries, especially ones to be used immediately, you can expect them in these bags. The bags are recyclable, and you can place them right in your trash bin.

c) Produce Bags

There are moments when you find a bag within a brown bag. This packaging is typical for fruits mixed with veggies.

d) Cardboards or Gel Packs

If cold items are part of the order, they need insulation. Otherwise, your supplies will be melted when they get to the parking lot.

There are some complaints about canned goods placed together with fragile goods. However, this is not always the case.

10) Does Amazon Fresh accept SNAP EBT cards?

amazon fresh pizza review

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Amazon offers a lot of options. If you are a beneficiary of EBT, you can use the cards to your advantage. The other huge perk of using EBT cards is that you do not need to be an Amazon Prime member to enjoy some benefits of Amazon Fresh.

11) What other options can I get from Amazon Fresh besides pizza?

Amazon Fresh has a variety of fresh supplies, including sandwiches, baked bread, rotisserie chickens, different meats, and more. In addition, you can order soup on Amazon Fresh. My favorite alternative to pizza is the rotisserie chicken.

12) Can I choose substitute items on Amazon Fresh?

Sadly, choosing your own substitutes for items not available on Amazon Fresh is not possible. This can be a huge downside if you have a craving for a specific thing.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Fresh has a great delivery culture, and I can always count on them to deliver my pizza on time for a good meal.

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