Travis Alicea


Travis Alicea started at the age of 13 as cleaning crew for his cousin Jason's first businesses at the Union Avenue location. By the age of 17, Travis was barbacking, then bartending, then serving as head bartender. When Notice Lounge became the Evil Olive, he knew the building and the business inside and out, so when Jason needed a right-hand man, Travis was equal to the challenge. He and Jason taught themselves the restaurant business, with all the attendant bumps, bruises, and learning curves; today, Travis spends his time in the kitchen meeting new culinary challenges and pushing his skills on the menu. An avid gamer and sports fan, you'll also find Travis highly engaged with the clientele on whatever sport is playing on TV.

Jason Tennant


Jason Tennant opened his first lounge space (Jarrod's Lounge) at Evil Olive's present Union Avenue location, in August of 2001. It became Notice Lounge soon thereafter, and it ran for seven years when Jason realized he needed to run a business while spending quality time at home. Pairing his love of family with his lifelong dream of owning a pizza shop, Jason opened the Evil Olive in 2011, and life and business has been thriving ever since. Jason's vision and work ethic earned him and his crew a slot on national television—along with a sizeable investment—from the cast of SpikeTV's reality show Hungry Investors.

Jason is also an active New York State-certified electrician with IBEW Local 3 for the last 22 years. He loves racing and riding Harley-Davidsons almost as much as he loves pizza.

Reggie Thomas


Reggie Thomas started out as a bouncer. But with his gregarious personality and natural humor, it became clear that his public relations skills were needed, relating with customers directly. When not serving pizza or pastry or punch lines behind counters (or behind the occasional Evil Olive microphone), Reggie spends his time behind the lens as a photographer.